Texas Country Western Music Legends



The Texas Country Western Music Legends Exhibit, now showing at the Texas Music Museum, has on display three collections of 20th-century music, singers/songwriters: Texas Cowboys and Cowgirls; Texas Western Swing; and Texas County Western Music.  Each collection Exhibit features individual artists/groups, their musical careers, and legacies that distinguish them as Texas Country and Western Music Legends.


In 1922, Texas fiddler Eck Robertson made history as the first to record instrumental country music. Vocalist Vernon Dalhart’s career peaked in 1924 with the release of “The Prisoner’s Song”, which is considered to be the first million-selling country record.

Bob Wills, Asleep at the Wheel and other Texas western swing legends are represented in the exhibit.

Among the several singing cowboys/cowgirls presented are Gene Autry and Dale Evans.

And what Texas country western exhibit would be complete without spotlighting George Strait, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Lyle Lovett and many other well-known stars.

Over seventy Texas Country Western Legends are represented in this Exhibit.  Visitors will learn about the distinct genres of Texas County and Western music, and legendary Texas songwriters and artists, and view interesting memorabilia in display cases specific to each collection.

A unique piece of memorabilia is a picture of Vernon Dalhart in an advertisement for an early Edison record player. That player is also part of the exhibit.

Visitors have the opportunity to listen to musical selections by each of the artists in the exhibit using their smartphones and QR code readers.love-that-country-music-graphic