International Music Festivals

2017 will be the 7th year that the Texas Music Museum hosts an International Music Festival.  Always held for two days in early September, the festivals feature a diverse set of accomplished Texas musicians, dancers & groups who perform authentic international–specific music/dance. Performances will include distinctive traditional instruments. Held annually at the Vance Boyde Theater, George Washington Carver Museum and Cultural Center promotes appreciation of the music from many cultures that re now part of the Austin and Texas ethnic fabric, including:  Asian, African, Eastern European, Indian sub-continent, Latin/Central/South Americans, Middle Eastern and others.  The festivals are well attended, and feedback each year from attendees is overwhelmingly positive.  We invite you to attend the 2017 Texas Music Museum 7th International Music Festival on September 9 and 10 at the Carver!  There is no cost to attend the festival, but a $10.00 donation per person is suggested and appreciated.